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Neighbourhood Development Plan

NDP Referendum Result of Poll

NDP Referendum Voting Day – Thursday 6th May 2021

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Ashperton is creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the parish, shaping the future of our community for the next 20 years. A steering group made up of both parish councillors and parishioners has been formed. This website will explain the process involved and offer parishioners the opportunity to access resources, keep up to date with meetings & events, and share their views and opinions to help forge a successful and resilient plan. Details will also be put onto the notice board outside the village hall.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP) stem from the Government’s new Planning System Reform. This reform elevates the influence that local communities will have in the planning process putting our views on a par with the local authority in planning land development, new housing, and related issues such rural employment, renewable energy schemes, etc.

Plans must conform with county and national planning policies. But within this framework we, as a community, will be able to reflect our local views. This is not a charter to prevent change but rather to focus and guide new development. Our views will carry the same weight as Herefordshire Council’s Local Plan representing a considerable opportunity for us to shape the parish’s future.

Why is it Important?
Our plan will provide an opportunity to influence the future of Ashperton Parish for the next 20 years, we will be able to advise on:

  • Where and what development should happen.
  • Establishing a formal settlement boundary for the village
  • Controlling development in the open countryside beyond.
  • Policies on design standards
  • Protecting important buildings and historic assets
  • Promoting community projects such as renewable energy

With this influence comes greater responsibility. Hence it is important that we do all we can to fairly reflect the views of the majority of the community and take deliberate and measured steps to achieve a legal, well balanced and popular plan.

How Will We Achieve This?
The process is divided into six stages taking place over the next two years to:

  1. Define the Neighbourhood Area Ashperton Decision Document
  2. Prepare the Plan
  3. Put forward the Plan to Herefordshire Council
  4. Submit the Plan for Independent Examination
  5. Hold a Parish Referendum
  6. Adopt the Plan

NDP Referendum version April 2020 

Ashperton_Habitats Regulations Assessment_Report_March 2020 (1)

Ashperton_Environmental_Report_March 2020 (1)


Ashperton NDP Examiner Questions response (1) Feb 2020

NE response Feb 2020

NDPlan Final Submission October 2019

reg 16 objection response

revised ASHPERTON NDP Consultation Statement consolidated

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Basic Conditions Statement v4 (1)

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Ashperton_Parish_Policies_Map Jan 19

Ashperton_NDP Area Map



September 2018 minutes

Reg 14 consultation response final (1)

NDP Draft Plan Document for Reg 14 Consultation  

reg 14 consultation letter

Comments Form Reg 14

Ashperton Environment Report Dec17

Ashperton HRA Report Dec17

Principal Settled Farmlands

Project Plan Updated 7.6.16

Riverside Meadows

Terms Of Reference

Ashperton Biodiversity

Ashperton Decision Document

Ashperton Her Map

Ashperton Historic Env Record Doc

Ashperton Listed Buildings And Scheduled Monuments Map

Estate Farmlands

NDP Minutes 2018

NDP minutes 16.1.18   

NDP minutes 27.3.18

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Ndp Draft Plan Public Event Invitation 25th June 2016

NDP Steering Group Minutes Oct – Dec 2016

NDP Steering Group Minutes June – August 2016

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