Financial Regulations 

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End of Year Accounts 2021-2022


Notice Provision-for-the-exercise-of-public-rights-2021-22-exempt-authorities

Bank Reconciliation

Receipts and Payments 2021=2022

Variance Report 2021-22

Assets Register May 2022

End of Year Accounts 2020-2021

Bank Reconciliation EOY 2020-2021

Receipts & Payments 2020-2021 EOY

Variance Report 2020-21

assets register May 2021

End of Year Accounts 2019-2020

Budget 2020 – 21  



End of Year Accounts 2018-19  

assets register

Bank Reconciliation

End of Year Accounts 2017-18

Notice for making provision for the exercise of public rights 2017-18 exempt authorities 

Bank Rec 31st March 2018

Variance Report 2017-18

Income & Expenditure 2017-18

assets register March 2018

End of Year Accounts 2016-17


notice of exercise of public rights

Bank Rec 31st March 2017 

Variance Report 2016-17

finance report March 2017 End of Year

Assets Register 2016

End of Year Accounts 2015-16

Receipts Payments 2015-16

Variance Report 2015-16

Accounting Statements 2015-16

Annual Governance Statement 2015-16

Annual Internal Audit Report 2015-16

Bank Rec 31st March 2016

Financial Regulations

Notice of Period for Exercise of Public Rights 2016

Accounting Statements 2014-15

Annual Governance Statement 2014 15

Annual Internal Audit Report 2014 15

Bank rec. End of Year 2014-15